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Britania Miraflores Hotel ***
Britania Miraflores Hotel
Miraflores, Lima
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Britania Miraflores Hotel

K'ara, our restaurant, is the hotel area where top chefs and professional staff prepare the perfect menu for your event, whether it is a business meeting, a family reunion or simply a lunch or dinner your with friends.

The most typical and well-cooked dishes of Peruvian cuisine, as well as a wide selection of international dining are served at K'ara. They are always prepared with the freshest ingredients and special touches to make them unforgettable.

Furthermore, from Monday to Friday, you can enjoy our unlimited buffet with more than 25 dishes of fish, seafood, meat, chicken, beef and pork, pasta and rice, salads and our specialty: ceviche. It consists of raw fish marinated in lime or lemon juice often with oil, onions, peppers, and seasonings. Do not also forget about drinking a cup of wine, and finish the experience with a delicious cocktail or a "pisco sour".

Within the restaurant facilities, we also serve the buffet breakfast every day featuring fresh fruits, cereals, yogurt, coffee, tea, sausage, eggs and freshly baked bread and pastries for you.

Touristic menu


* Caesar Salad with grilled chicken pieces
* Creole Soup
* Skewers of chicken and peppers with curry


* Sauteed beef with peruvian fries
* Fish fillet in brown butter sauce and capers
* Grilled chicken with sauteed potatoes with rosemary


The rate is US$ 17.00 (service included).